The providers at Family Medicine – Piedmont Plaza offer continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and families.

Located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Stratford Road, Country Club Road, First Street and Miller Street (commonly known as Five Points), Family Medicine – Piedmont Plaza is less than a mile from Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and offers patients, staff and physicians the benefits of a community setting, while maintaining access to the Medical Center via a van shuttle service.

Our providers offer a full range of primary care services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors, including:

Additional Services

  • On-site labs and routine X-rays
  • Extended hours (Saturday hours for current patients only)
  • Free parking in front of the building, with access from First Street or Miller Street
  • On-site pharmacy – Piedmont Plaza Pharmacy

Our providers take care of our patients while they are in the hospital. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the problem, you will receive care either from our family medicine inpatient team or from one of our sub-specialty colleagues.

As part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, our patients have direct access to more than 800 nationally and world-renowned doctors who specialize in orthopaedics, neurology, heart and vascular, cancer and other medical specialties.

Our Patient Care Modules and Continuity of Care

Four patient care modules, each with 10 examination rooms, a nursing station, a reception area, and a waiting room, provide the backbone for the clinic. The module (A, B, C or D) is where your provider sees you; it is his or her office within Family Medicine – Piedmont Plaza. Each module has its own group of providers which allows us to provide you with continuity of care.

Continuity of care means regular care from health professionals who know you and your family’s medical history. Continuity is very important to your health and to us. We always try to arrange for you and your family to be seen by your personal physician(s). If that is not possible, we will try to have another physician in your regular module care for you.

Some of our providers who you may encounter in your module are residents. Both residents and faculty are medical doctors and can provide the same services. Residents have recently completed medical school and are in our 3-year training program to become board certified in family medicine. All faculty (sometimes called attendings) have completed medical training and are board certified.


CenteringParenting brings moms, partners, support people and their same age babies together for group well child visits instead of standard visits from birth to two years old. CenteringParenting groups allow parents to learn from each other and support one another. In CenteringParenting: 

  • Babies learn, grow and play together
  • Patients spend more time with providers than traditional visits
  • Babies receive all vaccinations in the same sequence as they do in traditional care
  • Visits will always be with the same provider and nursing staff, families will know dates for their visits ahead of time, and visits will always be the same day of the week and the same time
  • There is no waiting in the waiting room or clinic room, from the time you and your baby arrive we will be in a large, baby-friendly group space

Learn more about CenteringParenting.

Family Medicine Group Medical Visits 

Group visits are available for Family Medicine patients looking for group support for weight loss, diabetes management and well child care (see CenteringParenting for more information on well child care group visits).

The goal of group visits is to provide increased time with medical providers, increased health education and provide patients with support, community and accountability. Our goal is to guide patients to live healthier lives, and reduce complications from chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. 

  • Lighten Up group visits focus on helping patients lose weight through education on calorie management, menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, restaurant eating, physical activity and lifestyle changes 
  • Diabetes group visits focus on all aspects of improving diabetes self-management including understanding medications, weight management, carb counting, exercise and meal planning
  • High blood pressure group visits provide education and support to help patients improve their blood pressure with lifestyle changes as well as well as work closely with providers to adjust medications
  • Tobacco cessation visits focus on teaching patients who use tobacco about options to help them quit, make a quit plan and support them on their journey to quit smoking or using oral tobacco

For more information or enrollment in these programs, call 336-716-3487 or email