About Me

As a board-certified and fellowship trained otolaryngologist, my clinical practice covers all aspects of laryngology including disorders affecting voice, breathing, and swallowing. My research interests include patient safety and quality improvement, neurologic disorders of the larynx, and swallowing disorders.  

My background in choral music and love for musical theater initially drew me to the specialty of laryngology. I feel very fortunate to care for patients with voice disorders as the voice is central to personal identity, human communication, and professional interactions among all people from teachers and performers to members of the clergy and administrators. Treating swallowing and breathing disorders, two other vital functions that must be optimized to have a good quality of life are also a joy to treat.

My patient care goal is to approach patients with an open mind and provide top quality treatment by utilizing an individualized treatment plan through a multi-disciplinary team approach. I also believe that a visit to your physician should be a very pleasant, specialized experience. We offer that here and I am fortunate to be a part of a department and organization that prioritizes patient experience while providing world class quality of care. Seeing my patients’ quality of life improve through treatment is the greatest reward of my career. 

Wake Forest Baptist Physician - Lyndsay Madden, DO

Lyndsay Madden, DO is an Otolaryngologist with Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.