Start a Fundraiser

You don’t need experience to host an event to support Brenner Children’s — just the energy and enthusiasm to make it happen. 

Each year, individuals, organizations, companies, schools and community members raise money by holding fundraising events to benefit Brenner Children’s. All events, large or small, play a significant role in raising awareness and much-needed support for our innovative medical research and world-class care.  

Your fundraiser makes an impact on the lives of our patients. 

Ideas to Get You Started 

Here are some ways you can make an impact: 

  • Hold a dress-down day at your place of work in exchange for a donation. 
  • Have a yard sale, lemonade stand, bake sale or car wash. 
  • Donate a percentage of sales during a designated time period or number of customers. 
  • Compete in a local race — whether running, walking or cycling — and ask friends and family to sponsor you. 
  • Mark birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones with a donation to Brenner Children’s. 
Five men and one male teen play various instruments on stage during a fundraiser concert
Archie Dees doesn't remember his time in the Brenner Children’s NICU, but that didn't stop him from organizing a concert fundraiser to say thank you. And he did it his way — by organizing a concert in which he raised more than $17,000 for the NICU that he spent his first days of life in. Read more.

Make it Happen

To ensure a successful fundraising event, please check out our Community Fundraiser Guidelines below, which include answers to frequently asked questions. Our guidelines will help keep your fundraiser aligned with our mission and image. 
Before your event, please submit a request form. This event form must be submitted and reviewed by the Office of Philanthropy before you hold your event, so please submit it as early as possible in the planning process. 

We are truly grateful for those who support Brenner Children’s through community fundraising events. Thank you!  

Community Fundraiser Guidelines

Your Must-Do List for an event benefiting Brenner Children's: 

  1. Complete our event information form at least 4-6 weeks in advance (including annual events). All events must be approved by our office and until approval is given, no public announcements or promotion may be made.
  2. Send all print, digital and online event materials to us for approval. Any materials that include the Brenner Children's name and/or logo must be approved by the Office of Philanthropy before they are produced. Materials include, but are not limited to, advertising, press releases, t-shirts, posters, flyers, apparel and accessories.
  3. Please do not list Brenner Children's as the sponsor or host of the event. Publicity should list the name of the event followed by “…benefiting Brenner Children's.” If the funds raised are designated to a particular area, list the area as the beneficiary, not the hospital’s name in general (e.g., “…benefiting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Brenner Children's.”)
  4. Before soliciting any businesses for contributions or sponsorships, please send a list of businesses you wish to solicit to the Office of Philanthropy. We are fortunate that many local businesses support Brenner Children's. For you to be successful, we want to make sure we are not asking the same businesses repeatedly or “double-asking,” especially if we are holding a fundraiser during the same time period. We can supply a list of businesses that should not be contacted.
  5. All publicity must state the percentage or amount of proceeds given to Wake Forest Baptist unless the hospital receives 100 percent of the proceeds from the event.

What our Office of Philanthropy can do and cannot do for your event: 

We can provide: 

  • A letter of authorization you may use to validate the authenticity of the event
  • Approval for use of logos and logo files
  • Promotion of the event on the Office of Philanthropy web pages
  • We may be able to provide tax receipts to donors who make tax-deductible contributions payable to Brenner Children's

We cannot:  

  • Provide on-site staff, volunteer support, or guarantee a speaker at your event
  • Extend our tax-exempt status to you
  • Provide giveaways or prizes for silent auctions or promotions
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Solicit sponsorships for the event
  • Provide mailing lists
  • Provide insurance coverage
  • Publicize your event to media or seek media coverage

Event Proceeds 

For our institution’s accounting purposes, please present funds raised to the Office of Philanthropy within 30 days of the event.

Event participants should write checks to the event organizer or group. After the event, the organizer should present one check (representing the net proceeds) made payable to Brenner Children's. Please include the Proceeds Transmittal Form with your check. If event participants’ checks are made payable to Brenner Children's, we ask the event organizer to include that information on the Proceeds Transmittal Form and provide this form when delivering the proceeds to the Office of Philanthropy.

IRS guidelines prevent us from providing tax receipts for non-gift transactions such as ticket sales, purchases, raffle tickets, etc. We may be able to provide tax receipts for tax purposes to donors who make tax-deductible contributions (gifts) to Brenner Children's directly. If someone makes a payment that is partly a gift and partly in consideration for goods or services received, the value of the goods or services received is not tax-deductible.

Please note goods and services received on proceeds transmittal form.

Insurance, permits, expenses, cancellations, release of liability

The event organizer is responsible for all expenses and must obtain any necessary permits, licenses and insurance. Wake Forest Baptist and all related entities cannot assume any type of liability for your event. If circumstances warrant (e.g., fraud, negative exposure, etc.), Brenner Children's may at any time, through members of its Advisory Group or senior administrators, direct you to cancel the event. You must agree to cancel the event if so directed and further agree to release Brenner Children's and its officers and employees from any and all liability in connection with any such action.

Should Brenner Children's decline the event form or choose not to be affiliated with the event in question, reference to Brenner Children's in any form (i.e., use of name or logos, etc.) will not be permitted.

Publicity and Media

We are grateful when successful community fundraising events gain attention from media outlets, but we are limited in how much help we can provide.

Wake Forest Baptist Office of Communications, Marketing and Media coordinates all contact with media on behalf of the institution. Only staff members who are authorized to work with the media are allowed to contact media representatives or to invite them to campus. (NOTE: Office of Philanthropy staff members are not authorized.)

While we can respond to media requests for comments about your event, we are not able to coordinate media coverage, and the Medical Center campus is not available for interviews, press conferences or photo opportunities with the media.

To help with publicity, we encourage you to use our press release template and to contact media about your event in advance and to announce your results.

Check Presentations and Photos

Office of Philanthropy staff can arrange for a check presentation and photographs (not involving media outlets). Please know that we are not able to include patients, and our ability to include physicians, nurses and clinical staff is limited.