Make an Impact

Each child that walks through the doors of Brenner Children’s is just like every other child – they have vivid imaginations about growing up and fulfilling their life-long dream of becoming a doctor, teacher, interior decorator or fireman. Realizing these dreams is hard enough under normal circumstances, but a child with an injury or sickness has so much more to overcome.

A young Black boy in pajamas laughs as he drives a bright green miniature motorized car with lights and a holiday bow on the hood inside Brenner Children'sOur team of doctors, nurses and care givers provide them with the best medical expertise to make them well, but oftentimes, patients and their families require additional resources to help with the financial burden of caring for a sick child. Community support is needed to ease the financial stress that so many families face, which allows them to focus on getting their child well so they can grow up and realize their dream. 


  • $50 can assist families with medications, travel expense and meals
  • $100 can provide support for bereavement programs and services
  • $250 can secure necessary home health equipment for patients
  • $500 can provide enhanced pain management therapies for patients

All funds raised during the month of Cheers! benefit Brenner Children’s patients. You can help make dreams come true by participating in one or all Cheers! for Brenner Children’s events or by making a donation today!