Make an Impact

All funds raised during Cheers! benefit Brenner Children’s patients. You can help make dreams come true by participating in one or all Cheers! for Brenner Children’s events or by making a donation today!

The impact of your contributions will resonate in the following ways:

Financial Relief: Alleviating the financial burden for families facing the illness of a child by providing crucial assistance for medical expenses, transportation, and medication costs.

Specialized Programs: Expanding specialized programs that offer comprehensive support tailored to the diverse range of conditions and circumstances our young patients face.

Medical Advancements: Enhancing our medical equipment and technology, empowering our dedicated medical professionals with the tools necessary for accurate diagnoses, improved treatments, and superior care.

Attracting Excellence: Attracting and supporting world-class doctors, nurses, and other brilliant medical providers to ensure top-notch care for our children.

Research and Innovation: Investing in research and innovation to discover new treatments and cures, benefiting not only the children in our care but also future generations.

  • $50 can assist families with medications, travel expense and meals
  • $100 can provide support for bereavement programs and services
  • $250 can secure necessary home health equipment for patients
  • $500 can provide enhanced pain management therapies for patients

Meet Ellis!

Ellis, the beneficiary for Cheers for Fall 2023.

Ellis embarked on a complex medical journey after genetic testing revealed her rare condition, CDG 11b, shared by only a few globally. Her path included a tracheostomy at 6 months old, and Brenner Children’s Hospital not only performed the procedure but also educated her family on how to care for her at home. Being part of the Pediatric Enhanced Care Team streamlined communication among her doctors, easing appointments despite the family’s 2-hour distance. Ellis’ dedicated family coordinates therapies for her, as she faces delays, seizures and uses a feeding tube and ventilator when sleeping. With family support and telehealth, Ellis thrives in North Carolina’s mountains, proving her resilient spirit triumphs over complex medical challenges, inspiring us all.