COVID-19: Vendor Policy at All Wake Forest Baptist Locations

With the growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, it is imperative that Wake Forest Baptist Health is vigilant in its preparations to ensure we provide appropriate care and a safe environment for our patients, visitors, and employees. We are asking vendors if their physical presence is not critical for the needs of our patients and staff, please do not come to any of our facilities. If necessary and possible, please communicate by phone or email.

If a vendor is critically needed, please utilize the following self-assessment criteria prior to arriving at any Wake Forest Baptist Health facilities:

  • Do you have fever or cough, and contact with a known COVID-19 patient?
  • Do you have fever and cough, especially if returning from travel to a high risk region, without other explanation?

What do I do if I meet the above criteria?

  • If you meet one or both criteria, please immediately notify the Wake Forest Baptist Health employee who is expecting you via email or phone and refrain from visiting the facility until you are symptom free.
  • If you are scheduled to support a surgical procedure case and CANNOT find a representative to fill in for you, please provide as much notice as possible to the Surgical Services leader in case the procedure must be rescheduled.

Wake Forest Baptist Health asks for your diligence in this matter in an effort to keep our patients and employees safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wake Forest Baptist Health Value Analysis at 336-716-6823 (Sonja Glass).

Due to the unique global supply chain disruption we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19 and other issues, we also ask that you familiarize yourself with our conservation policies and guidelines for products and PPE.   

We value you and your service to our facilities. Thank you for your cooperation and support during these unusual circumstances.

This policy will be posted on Vendormate (vendor credentialing system) for our vendors to sign, but we also ask that you post a copy in your department as soon as possible to notify the vendor representatives as this policy is going into effect immediately. Please share with your department leadership as appropriate.