About Your Hospital Stay

Accommodations and Amenities

Your Room

Room assignments are based on medical need and availability. You may be moved as your health improves.

Private (single-bed) and semiprivate (2-bed) rooms are available. Insurance usually does not cover the cost of a private room.

Televisions are provided in each room except for intensive care units.

A nurse call button is located beside the bed. When you press the button, the nursing station is alerted that you need assistance. A staff member will respond as soon as possible.

Your Bed

Your hospital bed is operated electronically; your nurse will show you how it works.

Bedside rails are for your protection. They may be raised at night or during the day if you’re resting, recovering from surgery, or taking certain medications.


Thermostats in each room allow for individual temperature comfort. Contact the nursing station if you would like the temperature adjusted.

Leaving the Unit

If you want to leave the unit, please check first at the nurses’ station to make sure your doctor has given approval and to let the staff know where you can be reached. It’s important to stay in your room until your doctor has made rounds and treatments have been completed.


Patient mail is delivered Monday through Friday. Mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to your billing address.

Parking Passes

Long-term parking passes are available for patients and family members who spend extended periods of time at the Medical Center. The passes are purchased from the parking deck attendants, and the cost is $12. Once the pass is purchased, it will be valid for 7 days from the day of purchase.

Laundry Facilities

A laundry facility for patient/family member usage is located on the ground floor of the Progressive Care Building. Two washing machines and two dryers are available at no charge. Washing detergent is available for sale in the vending machines located outside the laundry facility. The facility is open 24/7.

Please contact Patient and Family Relations at 336-713-2273 to obtain a code for access to the laundry room and further information.

Shower Facility

Showers are available for patient visitors outside the Intensive Care waiting areas on the 4th and 5th floors in the North Tower.

Patient Belongings

Every effort is made to ensure that patients are discharged with all their belongings. We encourage patients to ask for their belongings prior to their discharge. If it is necessary to return patient belongings after discharge, they are delivered to Patient and Family Relations on the main level of Ardmore Tower to be mailed.

Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapy Program is available for patients and their families. It is designed to provide optimal access to professional massage that can enhance wellness through physical and mental relaxation and pain relief. Please call 336-716-8304 to learn more.


A Wells Fargo ATM is located on the Main Level of Reynolds Tower.

Notary Public

A Notary Public Service is available through Safety and Security by calling 336-716-3305.