The Diagnostic Laboratories at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center provide world-class clinical and anatomic pathology services to our medical community. 

Our staff of over 400 technologists, pathologists, and professional staff are on a mission to provide the highest levels of clinical service and expertise, educate the next generation of caregivers, and innovate by engaging in clinical and translational research.

Anatomic Pathology Services

Anatomic Pathologists examine tissue or cells removed from the patient's body, either surgically or in less-invasive procedures such as needle biopsies, for microscopic evidence of cancer and other diseases; or, in the case of forensic pathologists, to determine the cause of the patient's death in an autopsy.

Anatomic Pathology Laboratories include:

Clinical Pathology Laboratory Services

Clinical pathology specialists work in concert with clinicians to determine appropriate tests and interpret their results, allowing the clinician to determine an appropriate course of treatment and monitor its progress.

Clinical Pathology Laboratories include:

HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory

The HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center provides critical testing services for:

  • Patients awaiting kidney, pancreas, and heart transplantation
  • Patients requiring HLA-compatible platelet transfusions and/or bone marrow transplantation
  • Patients with conditions or diseases associated with certain HLA antigens
  • APOL1 testing for patients and potential donors.
  • We offer comprehensive Clinical Genetics services, including evaluation of children and adults suspected of having a variety of genetic conditions, as well as genetic counseling for patients and families.