The New Graduate Nurse Residency program at Wake Forest Baptist Health is designed for newly licensed nurses during their first year of practice. The program is called Transition to Practice and offers: 

  • Clinical academies during months 1-3
  • Ongoing learning activities in months 4-12 that assist with the transition from student to nurse
  • An opportunity for nurses to remain in the same cohort throughout the program and meet in small groups led by a facilitator
  • Nurse Scientist-led discussion focused on the evidence-based process culminating in a project by the completion of the program
  • Interactive content such as simulations, panel and small group discussions known as 'Tales from the Bedside'

Chris Gray, RN, standing at a nursing station. Focus Areas During Months 4-12

  • Documentation and Legal Pearls
  • Delegation, Conflict Management
  • Escalation of Concerns
  • Care of Self-Preventing Compassion Fatigue
  • Care of the Abusive Patient
  • Ethical Considerations, Death and Dying
  • Professional Development and Advocacy
  • Interdisciplinary Simulation

Hear from other nurses who have been through the program: 

“Today I was able to have meaningful content related conversation with my group members and facilitator. The facilitator was a great resource for us to ask questions.”

“I enjoyed being able to get together with our groups, it reminds me that I’m not the only new graduate having the same experiences or concerns.”

“I really enjoyed the question and answer at the end. It is nice to hear from seasoned nurses who were once in our new grad shoes.”

Nurse Residency Program FAQ