LGBTQ+ Health Care & Wellness

At Wake Forest Baptist Health, we are committed to offering services to all patients regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. We look forward to partnering with our patients and our community to improve health through considerate and respectful care that encourages positive self-image. 

As part of our mission, and in collaboration with our LGBTQ+ and Allies Affinity group and the Safe Zone in Medicine student-led team, we are increasing our efforts to enhance care and services for LGBTQ+ individuals and families. As such, we are committed to providing exceptional care to our LGBTQ+ community across a comprehensive array of all of our clinical services and specialties, including some of the unique services highlighted below:

At our Infectious Diseases Specialty Clinic, patients can receive: 

  • Focused mental health services for individuals with HIV and those at risk 
  • Testing and counseling for HIV, STD and STI
  • Provision of PEP and PrEP for patients at risk for HIV
  • HIV care and services 

Our psychiatry specialists offer: 

  • Focused mental health services 
  • Psychological, physical and psychiatric evaluations

Our endocrinology and primary care physicians offer: 

  • Gender affirming hormone therapy and monitoring
  • Prevention screening 

Our ENT and speech language pathology teams offer:

  • Gender affirming voice and communication therapy
  • Gender affirming voice surgery

Obstetrics & gynecology and primary care provide:

  • Family building assisted reproductive treatment
  • Prevention screenings, wellness or testing services explicitly focused on LGBT patients
  • Trans-affirming gynecological care, including cervical cancer screening and pelvic exams

We do not currently offer gender affirming surgeries. We will offer referrals for the procedures as well as preoperative and postoperative care.